10 Smells I Love

English: Crayola Silly Scents
English: Crayola Silly Scents (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many of you have strong memories and feelings liked to certain scents?  There are some smells that I just can’t get enough of….I’m outing myself as a big nerd-ball when I list some of my favorite scents because they’re associated with school.  But there you go, it’s out there – I loved school!

Here are some of my favorite scents – not all of them school-related…..

1.  vanilla candles

2. pink pearl erasers

3. fresh box of crayola crayons

4. lilac and hyacinth and rose in my garden

5. coppertone suntan lotion

6. my son’s hair

7. Thanksgiving dinner in the oven

8.  freshly brewed coffee

9.  spring rain

10.  the ocean

Please add your favorite scents in the comments below!



  1. Hyacinth reminds me of my Mother, her favorite. You mentioning it brought back some very nice memories of her. Thanks Cynde….
    There is one other smell that trips my memory bank into high gear, the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer. It take me back to Chester East Little League and the glorious age of 9…….

  2. Maybe not my “favorites”, but those which are particularly evocative:
    Pipe tobacco = Daddy
    carnations – my first ever high school dance
    British Sterling – high school concert choir bus tour and the guy I made out with
    cantaloupe, esp. lip gloss – summers at the beach with best friend since kindergarden
    Chanel No. 5 – Mom

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