Blue Tailed Skink – Happy Ending Lizard Story

In says it's for mice, why did he go in?What you’re seeing here today folks is our friendly neighborhood blue tailed skink.  I did not make this name up, look closely at his tail.  It is indeed, blue.  Let’s just call him Skink.

Skink, if you’re familiar with this species is a fairly robust example, unlike the teensy little skinks you hardly notice when they run across your front step.  Skink had formed the habit of sunning himself on our driveway and had been spotted numerous times.

This particular day he ran into trouble when he entered the garage and became entrapped in the mousetrap that our new exterminating service had installed.  The trap is your basic cardboard box with an extremely sticky inside surface that’s meant to trap rodents.  The more they struggle the more stuck they get.

The intense thrashing inside this mousetrap caught our attention and we discovered our friend in trouble.  Turning the box inside out in the hope of freeing him helped some but his skink chin was still stuck to the floor.  Inverting him so that he wouldn’t get any other parts stuck, we left him alone for a little bit.

A couple of hours later he had managed to free himself and scurried away.  There is no follow up to this story because he has not been sighted sunning himself in the driveway since this episode.  There are no more mousetraps in the garage.  In the photo below you can really see his bright blue tail.  In the photo above it’s obvious where he’s missing a patch of skin…poor baby.he's missing a patch of skin on his midsection



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