homer the iguana

I know I’m far in arrears on the promised funny animal stories so I’ll get started with homer the iguana.  Disclaimer:  This story doesn’t have a funny ending – the funniest bit is after the fact and I’m very sorry about what happened to homer but it was an honest mistake.

My friend DY, a fellow animal lover lived in Florida as a teenager and at one point had an iguana for a pet.  Homer was his name and while I’m unclear whether he was actually named for her mom’s Uncle Homer, Homer was the name she gave him even thought her mother hated the iguana.

Lying out by the pool one afternoon, DY decided that Homer might enjoy the sunny day so she brought him outside in his aquarium.  What she learned in retrospect is that iguanas are not desert reptiles, they’re jungle/rain forest reptiles and they do not bake themselves in the sun.  Lizard, Glass Aquarium, Sunlight, Pool of water to reflect the sun, you do the math.  At least he went quickly….

When mom got home DY announces “Homer died!” and mom breaks down into tears.  Confused by this reaction DY asks “Why are you so upset?  You hated that lizard.”  Mom replies “What lizard?”  Ah yes, Uncle Homer was alive and still kicking……mom recovered quickly.

Pot-bellied pig story is next….



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