Funny Animal Stories Continued…Pig Story

English: Two Pot-bellied pigs (Sus domesticus)...
English: Two Pot-bellied pigs (Sus domesticus) resting at the Lisbon zoo. Français : Deux cochons vietnamiens (Sus domesticus) se reposant dans le zoo de Lisbonne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a little pot-bellied pig….I don’t know his name.  Homer is a good name for a pig but that was the iguana’s name so we won’t use it again.  Let’s call him Piggy.Friend and fellow pet-lover DY has Piggy**.  This is funny in itself b/c DY is obsessive about cleaning her house.  However, we’re told pigs are actually clean animals who like to roll around in the mud because it cools them off and makes their dry itchy skin feel nicer….Another little known (by me) pig fact is they chew their food very thoroughly and take a drink of water after each swallow….Keep this in mind as I tell you that someone gave Piggy a piece of bubble gum.  Piggy chewed the bubble gum some, then headed for his water dish….quite a few times but stopping each time to chew some more before drinking.    I think the estimated chew time was 30 minutes.  He finally swallowed it.Which is funnier, the pig chewing the gum and prematurely heading for the water dish or a room full of people laughing at a pig chewing gum?**Piggy should not be confused with the pet guinea pig, often referred to as “the pig”, which came much later.One last thing – be sure to check out the related articles below….I often link things for humorous reasons  vs. they’re really closely related to the topic….also, please comment and follow me!

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