Teaser: Funny stories to share, coming soon!

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Today I was really excited to hang with my girls at soccer practice..and with good reason – today the three of us had each other laughing such that the girls on the field could hear us. My daughter asked me if I was laughing at her….as if I’d ever laugh at my dear Kate!

Our topic today was mostly funny pet stories; mostly first hand pet or animals not pets stories.  So coming over then next couple of weeks I’ll have a guinea pig story, a pot-bellied pig story, a hamster story, an iguana story, a blue-tailed skink story, and a monarch caterpillar story, oh, and the Alaskan Malamute story that’s really more about the exterminator guy than the dog but hilarious nonetheless!  of course there will be a story or two about FTWD (Fernando the Wonder Dog), the $5 million boxer…….

D.Y. if you’re reading this all I can say is “Who hunts bears?”  LOL.

Thank you girlfriends for making Tuesday and Thursday afternoons enjoyable – love you <3


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