Fresh Tank, No Fish; Ooops!

No fish
Cleaned the tank meanwhile the 3 remaining fish expired

The tank is clean.  I love the new look…..more natural than the blue and green gravel.  I knew when I moved those fish around to get in there and clean they might not make it.  I couldn’t wait any longer; the lime buildup on the outside of the tank hood, filter, heater, etc. was atrocious.  I spent a lot of time steam cleaning everything then ended up tossing the entire cover/hood with light.  The inside housing for the light had dry rotted and disintegrated when I picked it up.  So I spent about $60 on new gear including new substrate and some fresh live plants, that was the amount after using the $25 gift card I had from my amazing dog rescue last year.  Now I need a new cover and light…and new fish, so that’s at least another $60.  I have the fish picked out; just waiting for the tank to stabilize.  They say to wait five days so Saturday we’ll be back at Petsmart.

We wanted to put some neon tetra in there but couldn’t before because the huge silver dollar would have eaten them.  Silver dollar gone; bring on the tetra.  I shop for fish based on color and pattern of their scales.  I know enough to also pay attention to what sort of fish community they should be in.  Ours is characterized tropical, semi-aggressive however at the moment it’s tropical; empty.

Here’s my shopping list for Saturday:



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