Neil’s (Gemini) Horoscope for yesterday

Today is a 3 out of 10.

That was Neal Caffrey‘s horoscope the other day.  Neal is one of my fave actors on one of my fave shows White Collar. His boss, Peter, had listened to Neal’s horoscope for the day and was replaying it since apparently it turned out to be quite apropos.  I had a 3 day the same day as Neal and because I typically seek to find humor in situations especially those that frustrate or disappoint me I thought about Neal and his 3 out of 10 day on Tuesday when I came home from the store with a bottle of wine.  I’d been looking forward to enjoying a glass of chardonnay because I hadn’t done so in over a week…..then I arrived at home with my purchase and tripped up the front step causing my grocery bag to slam onto the concrete porch surface and break the bottle.  I sat on the step and watched as that delicious golden liquid began to pour out of the bag and down all three steps onto the slate walkway below.

I guess I’m the same with wine now as I am with sunglasses and earrings…..typically the more I spend on them the sooner I lose them or damage them….Yesterday, .I replaced the bottle of Simi chardonnay with two bottles of something else that cost half of what the Simi did for one bottle and it’s actually not bad as far as cheap chardonnay goes.

On Tuesday however, I cut my losses and had a glass of red wine (for my heart you know) and went on my way.  I’m not a Gemini but I think the horoscope for Libra was about the same, LOL.  For the uninitiated, this is Neal…..

Neal Caffrey
Neal Caffrey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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