Here it is….hot off the garlic press!

After twenty-three years of faithful service this little guy wound up spending the day in my garbage disposal.  This is the outcome…..after I garbage disposed a bunch of fruit peelings…..Fortunately, whoever fished her out of there left her by the side of the sink so that I would know what became of her.  It would have driven me mad the thing just disappeared and I never knew what became of it.  I mean besides the fact you can try to get along without it – come on, what cleans out every single little hole in the garlic press like the tool that was designed to do it?  Besides that missing something, especially an important piece of something, drives me batty and I have to look for it several times before I get serious and REALLY look for it.  So I’m glad that all settled even though I need a new garlic press now…I thought maybe the little gadget had a name of its own but according to Wiki it’s “a device with a matching grid of blunt pins to clean out the holes.”  There you go, the garlic press cleaner.


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