Labor Day Weekend = End of Summer

American Flag
American Flag (Photo credit: joycestew2002)

Traditionally Labor Day Weekend has been the official end of summer.  Although my kids started school this past Monday and my nieces in Georgia started three weeks ago, back in the day I never returned to classes until after Labor Day.  Labor Day is also the official preppy day to stop wearing white – that means pure white not shades of cream or ecru, by the way.  According to my mother, the original “Martha Stewart” it was also not appropriate to wear patent leather (shoes, purses) after Labor Day.  Here’s the interesting part though.  While you have to wait until MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND to start wearing the white again, it was expected that the patent leather would come back out again for Easter.  Strange but true.

We have no big plans for the long weekend, how about you?  Does anyone have Labor Day traditions that they’ll be doing again this year or a fun new event planned?  Please share!

Here’s a pic of my Kate enjoying a last lazy day of summer at the pool….

Last Dayz of Summer 2012
Kate’s interpretation of water ballet


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