The Dog Conundrum

….amazing what interesting photos I capture with my camera phone!

Is it better to have them gated away in the family room where I can’t see them from where I am or better to have them wherever I am and be patient while they settle themselves down?  I chose the latter until the man from the dry cleaner‘s showed up to see if I had anything to send.  Big ruckus in the font hall and 3 sets of doggie nails on my hardwood floor.  The dry cleaner guy didn’t flinch, by the way….most of them do, LOL.

So back they went into the gated kitchen/family room area.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how much it irks me to have baby gates up again 5 years or so after taking them down.  But I know from experience that even if you’re home and not supervising them many dogs, and boxers top that list, will wreak havoc on a house.  In fact, I’m probably quite fortunate that my favorite leather sofa is still intact.

It’s not that there’s no opportunity to find trouble in the kitchen or family room.  Very recently Fernando the Wonder Dog (FTWD) helped himself to a package of Hebrew National hot dogs including the packagingas well as the bag of hot dog rolls I had out defrosting….including most of that packaging as well.  He is truly a wonder dog!

FTWD is nearly 2 years old and the largest of the three and he’s discovered that sometimes there are cool things to check out in the kitchen sink so he takes a peek and maybe swallows the blue dish sponge…he’s ingested a few of those….and one day he got lucky and the food was in the deep sink thawing and he managed to grab the bag from the rolls, and…..dinner was history.

Puppies will be puppies…Love that BOXER breed!

Check back tomorrow for funny dog video as FTWD being released from his crate.  He’s hilarious as he scrambles to get his footing and keep up with the other two.



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