The Perfect ADD Conundrum

Aquarium (Photo credit: spwelton)

I can’t start a new job until I clean the fish tank and I won’t clean the fish tank until I have a damn good reason to….like a start date for a new job…..and I can’t get a new job if I don’t start looking but I don’t feel like looking when this damn fish tank still looks like this!

Got that?  No?  If that sounds a bit confusing, welcome to what it’s like inside my head sometimes.  But that’s only part of it.  The rest is thoughts about other things that need doing–and in no particular order of priority–it’s just all in there trying to take center stage at the same time.

Add to that my shame about wishing the fish would all just die so I didn’t have to deal with it.  I know, I know, that’s totally gross and I don’t wish it all the time–just admitting that it crossed my mind a few times.  Some of them did get dead a few months ago but the last three are hanging tough.

How do I cope with that mess going on in my mind?  Ain’t easy, but lately what’s been working nicely is to channel The Flylady and tell myself JUST DO IT!  And I will tell you that as soon as I say those words to myself in my head I realize how silly I am to not get things done right away when I’m standing right there trying to decide whether to or not…..Sometimes, in the time I spend sorting that out I could have had whatever I was pondering done and over with.

All of these little things that purple winged woman* (* has shared really add up when you get into the habit of focusing like she says to and forget about PERFECTIONISM, which is Public Enemy #1 to an ADDiva!


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