Query: Does Anyone Seriously Have Only One Junk Drawer?

A fellow blogger posts a daily challenge and today’s is “Clean out your junk drawer”.

No further instructions were given other than to post before and after pics…..

My dilemma?  Which junk drawer shall I clean out, LOL.  Seriously, I have one in every room.  Doesn’t everyone?  :/

The truth is that I’ve spent much of my time this summer de-cluttering, “simplifying”, recycling, re-purposing, donating, tossing, sorting, organizing……whatever you want to call it, I’ve been at it for a while.  To my credit I have hit many of the junk drawers around this joint and it feels really good to stumble upon this challenge today and know that I could pick a junk drawer to clean out but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the “worst” one.

Bear with me for a moment, I’m not backing away from a challenge and I might just do the junkiest one, but how great is it to know that cleaning your junk drawer will take only five minutes because you clean it regularly/keep it organized/just went through it recently?

I guess a bigger challenge for me would be to have only one junk drawer, huh?  What can I say, this is how I grew up. Looking back I wouldn’t trade this tremendous sense of accomplishment when I get all of the gift-wrapping supplies collected into one neat spot for anything!

p.s.  as I wrote this a few linked articles popped up related to house fires starting when 9 volt batteries are stored…..who knew!!??  This bears checking out, just to be on the safe side!



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