Someone’s Awfully Clever!

Structure of citric acid Ελληνικά: Κιτρικό οξύ
Structure of citric acid Ελληνικά: Κιτρικό οξύ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)  I’ve always said cleaning is all about the chemistry!

What a fabulous idea…..I wonder how it would work in my dishwasher?  I’m on a frugal kick since I’m, uh, not working at the moment (still) so I’ve been thinking about trying this one…

Has anyone tried this? How did it work? Did you use lemon juice for the citric acid or do you buy citric acid? Where’s the best place to get kosher salt? What’t the difference between Borax and A&H Washing Soda? Are either of them the same, similar, or a substitute for OxiClean? Inquiring minds and all that – before I go out and get the supplies I’d like to hear about some personal experiences….


Author: The C-Sweet

I'm a Soccer Mom/Baseball Mom living the American Dream in northern Virginia. I work as a Business Advisor & Consultant focusing on small-medium sized businesses in my local community. I've drunk the chardonnay, practiced the yoga, driven the minivan, atomized the essential oils, made the spinach dip and attended many Southern Living at Home, Stella & Dot, and Pampered Chef parties. I'm a Catholic, Conservative, Spiritually Awake individual sharing my opinion on whatever catches my fancy and occasionally entertaining a few folks with tales from my ADDiva life!

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