Battling Depression

No Me Mireis!
No Me Mireis! (Photo credit: El Hermano Pila)

It occurs to me that in the daily battle with depression a person is set up to be her own worst enemy.  I listen to the commercials for depression medications and hear about fatigue, muscle aches, disinterest in just about everything, and I wonder how it is that other people get so jazzed up about getting out of bed every day.  The truth is that depression is a strong and powerful opponent that you have to fight every day – meds or no meds.

Being smart and knowing all of the right (healthy, productive, sane, fun) things to do is not the end of the story.  You have to gear up and push yourself out of the depression zone and make yourself move.  Many years ago a close family member shared that she, the goddess of everything domestic, had to push herself every day to get in the game and get it all done.  I was surprised then and am still surprised when I think about it.

But with that surprise comes inspiration because this is a family member who I admire more than anyone else.  Today I’m dedicating everything I accomplish to you my favorite person.  <3



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