The Sims Social
The Sims Social (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today has been a glorious day as far as the weather goes – it’s 82 degrees in the DC ‘burbs but low humidity and clear skies with a few puffy clouds made the day glorious for being outside.  I however, stayed inside to get a few things done.  I started off the day cleaning two bathrooms and some parts of the kitchen along with doing a load of laundry (no more Mount Washmore over here!).  I have a pitcher of sun-tea outside brewing that’s ready to come in for the sugar and fresh lemon.  The rest of my day was spent troubleshooting why my blackberry is not recognized by the Desktop Manager on my laptop.  Several hours were spent at this with several reboots and to no avail.  I slacked off the last hour to play Sims Social online and see what’s doing with my friends on Facebook.

Pretty mundane of a day but getting the few things cleaned up this a.m. was wonderful for my mood and my outlook for the whole day.  The sink got shined in the kitchen, the front of the fridge and the counter top got a good wipe down – I steam cleaned the floor yesterday and so things weren’t all creepy and germy down there when I went down to make coffee, LOL.  I’m staying right on top of the mail and so nothing is piling up on the counter….N O T H I N G that looks like mail, catalogs, flyers, newspapers….N O T H I N G like that lingers for days on end that lead to weeks…and I’m ready for the school papers to start flying in….oh yes I am.  I am the proud owner of a brand new Desk Apprentice from STAPLES. Image  

As a matter of fact, I am especially proud because I can say that I have 2.  One is for me and only me and the other is for the household but mainly the kids and their school and activity administrivia.  On the latter I have already labeled all four sides with all of our names.  The center holds files and never again will there be any confusion over where to put that pencil, pen, scissor, tape, stapler when you’re done with it……load it all on my desk apprentice and away you go.

I think part of the reason that my chipper mood has lasted for the duration is that I had the house to myself all afternoon.  The fam took the Corvette to a car show nearby and enjoyed the awesome weather.  I had a day of quiet and although it was frustrating because I didn’t solve my blackberry problem I could actually hear myself think for most of the day.

So, with my clean kitchen and bathrooms I am all ready to knuckle down and grade final exams and papers since my grades are due any second.  I guess the downside of giving a difficult final exam is that it’s more intense for the review and grading.  What was I thinking?  I think my ADDiva approach to the 3 but one especially difficult and long questions will be to grade each of the questions separately so that I am grading only question 1 across 12 students, then #2, then #3.  I think this system will keep me on point…..for tomorrow…….



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