Raising Consciousness (of Chewing)

The ultra delectable Maryland Blue Crab, FRESH...
The ultra delectable Maryland Blue Crab, FRESH from Skipjack Seafood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When was the last time you were truly conscious of chewing your food?  Yes, I asked when you can recall being conscious of actually chewing the food in your mouth.  Doesn’t happen that often does it?

After an amazing weekend in the country with friends who live in a converted barn in New Tripoli, PA I drove home with the kids and stopped for lunch at Old Town Grill in Leesburg, VAhttp://www.leesburgva.org/index.aspx?page=1240&recordid=236

It was an interesting experience start to finish.  I had no idea where we were going but decided to drive through the historic part of Leesburg.  I was looking for something yummy for lunch – didn’t know exactly what but I wanted it to be special and I wanted it to be yummy.  The first thing was that we walked in to a storefront restaurant that could have been anything inside but this was brick flooring, old/antique furnishings, and so very cool compared to the heat outside.  The kids and I were seated in a dining room off the main area and it was sort of dim in there and that, combined with the oldness factor, had the kids borderline “creeped out” as they would say.

The thought crossed my mind that perhaps I should be concerned that only one other party of four was there at the lunch hour but that thought quickly passed.  Time to order:  kids had burgers and I had a crab salad with avocado on a baby baguette roll.  Oh my!  Note to self – the avocado is delicious when you mash then spread on the roll before adding the awesome filling.  The crab salad tasted fresh and not overly seasoned as some crab salads do.  Accompanied, by a green salad (with big cucumber slices which I LOVE) and a glass of chardonnay, it was a terrific mean to celebrate a relaxing weekend spent with two people who mean the world to me–and who love my kids like they’re family!

I want to go back to this restaurant and relax with a glass of wine and enjoy dinner – maybe at the same table by the fireplace but in the winter instead?

Back to the consciousness…….I was in such a relaxed zone – even after driving for 3 hours – I will tell you that 3 hrs driving from Loudoun Cty, VA to the Lehigh Valley in PA via Rte 15N is far different from driving 3 hours up I-95N to get to the old ‘hood!  Enough sidebar – back to the relaxed zone….the kids were perfect all weekend, the adults enjoyed the kids and the kids enjoyed the adults, good time had by all, and you get the idea.   I deftly circumvented bickering between the sibs when it started it the backseat making for a mostly peaceful ride.  Stopped at a farm market to load up on fresh corn, tomatoes, peaches, and beets then off to lunch.

I was cautiously optimistic about the crab salad – usually I’m a little disappointed because that sweet fresh crab taste is often obscured by too much seasoning – is it Old Bay that you’re adding with a heavy hand? – but this was delicate and delicious.  Also, thought at first what a teeny little sammie….but it was filling and oh so yummy…..and when I took the first bite and began to chew I was experiencing the whole thing – the texture, the taste the aroma, the feeling and I knew that I was feeling all of it in that moment.

Being in the moment is not as simple as it sounds as those who have studied “being in the moment” can attest and so I thought I would share this great experience and give props to this great restaurant.  And the big deal is that 99.9% of the time I am overwhelmed with things to do, people who need stuff, lists of urgent items that I’ve lost, feeling exhausted, and all the rest of it.  On Monday at lunch I thoroughly enjoyed my first bite of food like I cannot remember how long.  That is an epic moment for this girl!


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