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Project 365: August 5 2007 - tangible FLYLady
Project 365: August 5 2007 – tangible FLYLady (Photo credit: Quack the Wooley Duck)

First the Disaster Trip: Last week was a nightmare.  Aside from the fact that my precious children were with me and we had a fab fun day at the Georgia Aquarium and had a private tour of Ted Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, it was a complete and total disaster.  Dealing with a paternal unit who has never had a genuine paternal instinct is no picnic but when aforementioned paternal unit jerks you around (and you’re me) well everyone else had better take cover.  Suffice it to say there will be no more dealings with the paternal unit ever again.  Amen.

Then the Poolathon: Disaster week was followed by a new adventure, the first annual Lowes Island Pool-a-thon, in which we and 2 other families visited and swam at all of the five pools in our area followed by a nice little summer barbecue.  Believe it or not, each pool has it’s own personality and “feel” to it, and we acted accordingly by doing different stuff at each one.  Pool #1 was the “tranquil pool”.  We were there for an hour and had the whole joint to ourselves.  Lovely pool, very peaceful and soothing, not a kid favorite.  Pool #2 has a reputation for being the “adults only” pool and it was nice enough for floating around on my tube for an hour but no big deal.  Pool #3 is the “teen pool” with a deep end, diving boards and swim lanes taken over by teenagers who hang out in the lane talking (aka being cool).  The kids all loved jumping off the diving board the whole time and I took a little break from the action and just took it all in.  Pool #4 is the “action pool”.  Everyone’s tube and water blaster came out and we had naval warfare in the pool.  Very much fun for the younger kids and the adult kids!  Pool #5 is “our pool”, the one where our families usually go when we say we’ll be at the pool.  It’s never been my favorite, just the one we always go to where the kids usually see a few of their friends from school.  As for me, I’ll be sneaking back to Pool #1 by myself one of these days for a tranquil float and will definitely opt for Pool #4 over Pool #5 for kid pool time!

Back to FLYing: On Sunday I was a bit worn out from the pool-hopping but yesterday I plunged back into the de-cluttering and cleaning around here and accomplished much.  The area under the stairs to the basement is now cleared, swept, and is storing some things that will be going elsewhere eventually when the storage area is built, lol.  Next I attacked the non-carpeted floor areas with the steam cleaner and I must say, this is the first time I used it to clean all of the floors vs. just test it out on a few key areas.  I love that thing, I really love it.  Dry mopping first is essential because of the dog hair x 3 around here and then you heat that baby up and steam away the germs and grime.  If I hadn’t already washed the mop head I’d post a pic but yeah, it’s better that you not see that anyhow…..if you get my drift.

I’m scared to add this last part but knowing how I like to live on the edge I will say that the laundry is all caught up down to sheets, towels, throw rugs, dish towels, placemats, beach towels…..kind of scary isn’t it?  The scary part being that it never lasts for more than a few hours and someone’s changing clothes or getting something dirty but I love saying it out loud – laundry caught up, laundry caught up, no laundry to do at the moment.  la la la….

And that brings me to the first order of business today which will be to take a carload of items over to The Closet of Greater Herndon to donate!  I feel good about getting clutter free and also about the fact that someone will pay a few dollars (i.e. a fraction of original cost) to re-purpose some of the things I just didn’t need to hang onto any longer.  And those dollars go back into the local community for a Win-Win-Win situation!

Thanks, as always, to the Flylady  for getting me to stretch my wings a little more each week and to the ADDiva for reminding me that I’m ok just the way I am and perfection isn’t a daily requirement!  God Bless you cool chicks!!



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