What a Drag It Is Getting Old, no?

#lovetheclimate: Great Falls of the Potomac
#lovetheclimate: Great Falls of the Potomac (Photo credit: Geoff Livingston)

Hello Sweeties**

Today will be a little of this and a little of that –

From “As The Potomac Falls” we have progress on the organizing front – all of the 8 toy bins that have been taunting me for months and months and months.  They’re gone – emptied, rinsed out, drying in the sun, soon to be filled with off-season clothes of ours!  Yay!  I’m so excited I think I’ll print labels for them tonight!

On another front we are going to see my Dad in Georgia next week…..that’s the real topic for this heading but first, while we’re still in Potomac Falls I just have to report that it is costing $875 to kennel the 3 dogs for five nights.  Yes, that’s correct.  Now ask me how much longer I’ll be hanging out without a job…..

So there’s Dad in Georgia and there’s Mom in PA.  Neither of them taking proper care of themselves, I have to be honest here.  Dad lands in the hospital – why?  hmmmm, well at first they thought mild stroke but that’s not it.  I could have diagnosed it from a distance.  You take one older man, add a heart condition, put him in the suburbs of Hot-lanta with no air-conditioning, and oh yes, I must mention he never drinks water.  I’d be feeling a little bit off too.  Here’s the thing about the drag about getting old – up to a certain point we can do as we please with impunity.  We can even say that we don’t care what anyone else thinks about what we’re doing and we don’t care if we live or die–yeah, we can say that.

The reality is–there’s that stinkin’ reality–The reality is that there are folks we name as powers of attorney for us, (or not), family members we list on advance healthcare directives, sons and daughters and even siblings who would take care of us if we became incapacitated because that’s just what we do–I hope this bad habit dies with this current generation of oldsters because not dealing with the future, failure to plan, sabotaging your own health by not eating, hydrating, following doctors’ orders, I’ll stop there but I could list a few vices on top but let’s just call that  sabotaging your own health…..

Where am I going with this?  Here it is – forcing your loved ones to watch you shrivel up and die is not really such a nice thing to be doing to them – especially when it may come down to them making decisions on your behalf and even providing your care.  The way you may want things to be may not be the way things are going to be when you reach that point.  Does this sound a little cold and callous and uncaring?  Well if you’re the one on the other end of the phone line worrying daily and wearing your rosary beads right out praying for things to change – it feels a little bit cold and callous and uncaring to have to watch a loved one decline.

So here way down at the bottom is the real point.  The real drag about getting old is that you’re in charge of your life until one day you’re not.  How you prepare for the probability of that happening to you will make a big difference in your quality of life from the time your caregiver takes over until the Big Guy upstairs takes over permanently.  (There’s a little Sister Mary Chardonnay for ya!)

Think about it…no one likes to but sometimes you just have to Chester Up and consider it.



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