Up and Running….yeah, me!

Today’s agenda:  grade homework (10), review drafts of field project presentations (4)…..it’s all a blur after that.  I made the exec. decision this morning to get this out of the way b/c if I don’t the rest is just a total blur.  What else is on the list though?

Finish cleaning the inside of my car – started the week before last – I kid you not!

Get groceries – oh how I hate to grocery shop!!!

Do laundry – already underway so we can 🙂 about that!

Clear out 4th bedroom for remodel

Get over to The Closet for the kids’ hour of community service http://www.theclosetofgreaterherndon.org/

Oh, and behind the scenes there’s all of the worry and drama with my dad in the hospital, a potential black widow hovering, all sorts of messy administrative stuff that he created for himself and I have to deal with…..I’m fighting mess and more mess keeps finding me…This isn’t just an ADD thing at the moment it’s a bona fide need to split myself into at least two additional people to work on all of these things.  So I’m doing the most logical thing – blogging about it first.  I’m blogging for clarity….no, not charity, CLARITY!  LOL.

I try to make light of these things sometimes so I don’t just sit here and cry about it.

You don’t even want to know about the half-dozen or so other things I’m thinking about all at the same time either, ok?  I’m letting you off the hook on that one. Now, armed with my list that I’ve actually written down twice now I’m off to review case study analyses and client presentations to get that monkey off my back!



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