from Linda Roggli’s book Confessions of an ADDiva: midlife in the non-linear lane….Thanks to find and reading this book, the pieces have come together and I’ve found my niche!  After spending the past several months wanting to get this blog up and running, fine tuning it a couple of times or so, thinking some more and occasionally blogging I’ve come up with the answer to the big “So What?” question as in “So what’s so different about your blog from every other “suburb-living, mini-van driving, yoga practicing, OBX-vacationing, chardonnay-drinking, Wegman’s-shopping, soccer/baseball/TKD-mom” blog out there?

The obvious answer is ME of course but what about me?  I think that when I add the coping with adult ADD  dimension (ya think?) it pulls together exactly why I’ve behaved up to this point in life like a hamster on a never-stopping, ever-quickening wheel…….AHEM…..yes I know I behave alternately like a lunatic, Martha Stewart on crack, oh, look what the wind blew in, there goes CJ again, damn girl Chester Up!, how does she do it, where does she find the time, crazy person…..did you think I didn’t realize all of that about myself?

Let’s put it this way….it’s not been an easy journey to self-awareness but yeah, I’m aware….

And why is this such a big deal?  If you’re asking you obviously don’t have or aren’t close to anyone with ADD.  It’s such a big deal because the way that I am is not something I can control; it’s something I’ve learned to accommodate and live with because for every laugh I draw with my snide remarks I’ve drawn about 10 reprimands for being a big-mouth.  That about sums it up.  I’d write more but this is starting to bore me.

So as of today I write of my struggles to write, start on my to-do list much less finish it, get all of the laundry D-O-N-E at some point in time even for half a day, transition from being a stressed out consultant with a long daily commute to stay-at-home mom, and figure out what I want to do NEXT it will be with a nod and a wink to my inner ADDiva because when I get down on myself for seeming a little bit, shall we way unmotivated (LAZY) I quickly remember to cut myself some slack because I have to work twice as hard to stay on task than anyone else I know!

I’ve also added some categories for your enjoyment because my posts vary along several key themes such as me being all Zen and peaceful and Christian (Sister Mary Chardonnay) to the sometimes profane (Chester Up) to the crazy day to day goings on in my ‘hood (As the Potomac Falls) to bragging about my bratz (Kidz), and other.

Let me know what you think!


Sister Mary Chardonnay ;>

My alter ego
“I’ll drink no wine before it’s time! It’s TIME!!!


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