World Go ‘Round in Circles

Native Lands Show at Bull Run Park, Manassas, VA
World Go ‘Round in Circles

Talk about getting the run around, after dropping the kids off this morning I went to my favorite gas station/car wash with a drive up coffee window. I pulled up to the window and waited but no sign of life so no one else around I thought I’d just drive around to the window; still no sign of life.  So I drove around the building again to the ordering spot and said “Hello?”, again nada.  Drove around to the front again pulled up to a gas pump, got the gas going, opted for the car wash and went inside to get the coffee.  Mission accomplished on the coffee.  Back to car, remove Loudoun Youth Soccer Association magnet, pull around the building again to enter car wash.  There is a woman backing up a Hummer.  I couldn’t figure out if she was trying to park or what but I waited because she was in the entrance to the car wash.  After a minute she stops and looks over and says “It’s not working,” and I thought she meant her parking technique, LOL.  She pointed at the car wash entrance and said again “It’s not working,” and around the building I go once again.

This is the point where the thought occurred that God had me literally going around in circles this morning and I thought about the ironicality of the fact that I’d read a very interesting horoscope this a.m. that said:

You’re just not fit for human consumption right now. You know it, and everyone who crosses paths with you will know it, too. Hiding out at home wouldn’t hurt.”

This is the point at which I knew that it was best that I stayed home today to work on my slides for class some more vs. going to the Scrapbook Convention as planned.  I was feeling out of sorts (again), this time physically.  I’m feeling much better now and making good progress on the slides and other administrative stuff I have to get done for my class but whoa, the driving around in circles message – I’m going and going and not getting anywhere at the moment?  Turn around and go back the way you came?  Straighten things out GIRL?!?


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