Man It’s a Hot One!

You know what I mean, it’s like you can physically feel the heat bearing down on you trying to cook your fanny right on the blacktop.  Note to self and others:  avoid the blacktop during peak daylight hours, LOL.

The other day after I dropped the kids at VBS I came home and worked in my flower beds for a while and ended the hour with sweat just running down my face.  Before going inside I took a detour and sat on the front porch on my glider and just laid back in the cushions (yes, the adorable ones I made) and there was an ever so slight breeze.

Taking a deep breath, I looked up at my freshly watered hot pink geraniums in their hanging baskets and at the small boquet of roses that I salvaged from the massive pruning of the rosebushes.  The whole thing reminded me of the many many hot yet pleasant summer days I spent at my grandmother’s house, specifically on the front porch on the glider or one of the rocking chairs mostly reading, sometimes just chatting, sometimes I’d paint out there.  There was always fresh iced tea or lemonade to refresh when we went back inside.  Summer also meant that there were fresh tomatoes from the garden to be eaten in a variety of ways – just pop one in your mouth, slice and put on a sandwich, slice and make into a sandwich – oh the tomato sandwich with just salt, pepper and a little mayo was such a yummy treat.  A little American cheese works well with that too.

As I write this now I am thinking that this is my real goal this summer–to introduce my kids to the concept of slowing way down and enjoying things like playing with the hose outside, eating a peaceful lunch by the river, freezing lemonade in paper cups for homemade ices, and the like.  If I can slow them down a bit so they can capture the sights and smells and tastes and sounds of the things that I remember from lazy summer days at home with Grandmom I will have accomplished a great deal this summer.


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