Rest for the soul?

My soul has been pretty achey lately (not to be confused with an achey-breaky heart, lol).  Today especially, as I sit here at Corner Bakery in Cascades Marketplace while the kids are at Vacation Bible School.  As is often the case, there are a number of heart-wrenching stories about dogs who are abandoned to shelters; some of them in dire straits.

Sitting here with my large iced tea and my laptop I’m trying to be sort of quiet and introspective, maybe waiting for a word from the Guy Upstairs about how to better deal with the myriad of things going on in my life.  I just volunteered to pick up a pooch at the NC border for a woman who wants to adopt this senior citizen of a mutt but has no car at the moment.  My little princess will hopefully want to go on this adventure with me tomorrow.

Today after VBS then lunch perhaps will spend a little time soaking in some rays and Vitamin D at the pool before it’s time for TKD at 4:15.  We want to go see the Marine  Silent Drill Platoon do their thing at sunset at the Iwo Jima Memorial  We love us some US Military!

Planning ahead and putting fun things on the calendar is my main survival technique for being home with the kids this summer.  We’re in week #2 of summer vacation and last week was fun if a little frustrating at times as I react strongly to bad attitudes, pouty faces, whining, and inter-sibing squabbling.  So the message my soul is getting is a reminder that if I have a plan and take things day by day I’m more likely to embrace the day and make the most out of it, giving me and the kids an enjoyable summer vacation when we string all of these days together.

I feel a little bit better now.



  1. I think you are doing a wonderful job keeping an upbeat outlook on things Professor…..
    Paintbrushes have a way of taking us on small vacations from reality. Get out of the Corner Bakery in Cascades Marketplace and go on a small vacation for your achey soul.

    I expect to see a finished piece in the future.
    Danno 😉

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