Hello world!

It’s me, the C-Sweet, making a new debut on WordPress, a switch I made on some good, expert advice.  I love me some Blogger.com but have to say that the customization aspect here at WordPress is so much more user friendly and with this move I now own this content forever and ever.

As I was munching my oatmeal letting thoughts come and go and waiting for inspiration I received a text with pics attached.  It seems my friend’s “puppy” who is not really a puppy anymore but I’m not telling her that, shat in her husband’s shoe.  For those of you unfamiliar with this term “shat”–and really why would it be necessary to be familiar with the term “shat”–it seems the little bugger made a poo-poo in big daddy’s shoe.

Not only did the precious pup do this but his mommy took pics and sent to several friends who share her _______ sense of humor.  I’ll leave you to fill in that blank.  If you find this appalling read no further.

For those still with me I’m sharing because this little anecdote gives life to my credo to not take myself too seriously.  Obviously, I surround myself with people who share this philosophy.  I hope this gave you a little laugh.  I do have the pics….was gonna post one….the one that was not too big, not too little but juuuuusssst right.  But I’m rethinking posting a poo pic on my first post here on my new blog….LOL


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