I am sulking today and I’m going to tell you how it’s working out for me in a second. But first, the entertaining part…why I’m sulking today. The main thing is the $1,000 phone bill from AT&T for 3250 international texts with no international data plan. That’s right, there is no typo. Now times that by 20 cents per text and you get the idea. Add a couple of monthly subscriptions to get the latest celebrity dish, etc. and how about accessing the internet from a regular cell phone, again with no data plan? It’s adding up isn’t it? Do I need to tell you that I did not run up these charges? So there’s that and there’s also having to face dealing with the underlying issue because no one else is grabbing that bull by the horns. You get to a point sometimes where there’s no way out, around or over – you just gotta go through it. Then there is the incredibly painful hangnail. What a big fat whiny baby, right? It’s on the outer side of my right thumb and is greatly impacted by my typing…so it’s sore and throbbing a little. Kind of ridiculous so far, right? Well I don’t want to delve in too deeply and find other issues to sulk about so I decided to just take these two and run with them for today. How’s it working out for me? Well I’ll tell you what–sulking is never a good thing. Sulking is never a good thing because more often than not it keeps you doing something else that would be far more enjoyable, healthy, uplifting, productive, helpful, and on and on. However, the one tiny little aspect of sulking that you can make work for you if you’ve decided that you absolutely must take this time to sulk IS if your sulky mood draws you inward to the root of what’s really irking you. Know why? I’ll tell you why: because then you are working out what’s really going on inside you and once you identify the issue(s) you’re all set up to deal with them. Of course you can sulk away and then put them back in the boo boo box to be taken out another day and while you’re at it you can beat yourself up and lament the other things you aren’t getting done. But if you want to make this sulking thing work out for you then give yourself the time to experience what’s eating you and follow it to it’s root then resolve to dig it out as best you can. That is how my sulking is working out for me today.


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