Greatest Gift/Greatest Love

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to sit down and write this – but my Mom called earlier this week, no surprise, to thank me for the Easter card I sent, customary, and we got into a chat about this n that and she blows me away by saying “You have never disappointed me Cynde”. Talk about speechless; this is only the best compliment I could have ever dreamed of from my dear sweet Mommy. I am still sort of floating a bit when I think about what all that means. I’m no spring chicken now which means I’ve had a lot of years and opportunities to disappoint. Like everyone else and their mother we’ve had our ups and downs but she was talking big picture – big girl, real life stuff….and I am just still so honored by the sincerity with which she said it. And I got her to repeat it for good measure, hee hee.

I said “Mom, you never have to utter a complimentary word to me again. Nothing tops the gift you just gave me. Thank you, Thank you!!”


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