About learning to F-L-Y

Another note from earlier this week – I sent to someone who calls herself The FlyLady. If you’ve never heard of her google her up and check out her scene because I won’t go into all that here – but, in a nutshell – she’s the patron saint of harried homemakers trying to keep it neat, keep it clean, keep it healthy, keep it real, and maintaining domestic tranquility even when Mr. Murphy comes to stay for a while. I will explain this though: FLY stands for F inally L oving Y ourself.

So the point is that I re-discovered The FlyLady recently and started reading the prompts and following the daily routines (for the most part but that’s ok, it’s really ok) and have been quite pleased with the progress made on clearing clutter, going back to basics, keeping it simple, and staying sane in a sometimes chaotic household. The FlyLady encourages all of us to let her know how we’re doing and the other day after I followed the prompt and cleaned out my purse and the inside of my care I emailed to let her know that and to tell her how happy I am to be back in the FLY-fold.

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a boomerang flybaby, having discovered you nearly ten years ago sometime between when my son and daughter were born. I was working full-time at the time and just couldn’t keep up. I know, I know, that’s not the point. It took quitting my full-time job a few months ago along with renewed determination to get control of my house and make it a home again to lead me back to the FlyLady.

I started about a week ago and have been amazed at how the number of de-cluttered areas is adding up so quickly. I ordered my FlyLady supplies — had to have ’em to get the jobs done right! They arrived yesterday — rubba dubba scrubba x2, purple cloth sets x 4, feather duster — I love that puppy already!!, and more! I’ve been shining my sink, drinking my water and keeping everything moving in a positive direction thanks to you!
Thank you!!

CJ from northern VA


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