Soccer Practice in 7 Hours….What to Do ’til Then?

The house is clean. The coast is clear. I can crawl back upstairs now the cleaning crew is gone. I think I feel like working outside for a while. There’s loads to do if I want to get the back yard looking anywhere decent. Right now it’s a dog habit-trail which Fernando the Wonder Dog (FWD) has been systematically destroying since he arrived a little over a year ago. Bless his heart….

The big deal right now is there are weeds to pull and some dead stuff to clear. Then what to do about moving the bearded iris, all of it, to the back of the yard near the fence. That opens up space where I could plant my lettuce crop that I’m hoping will survive Fernando but I’m guessing he will be fond of the lettuce. Once this is done I can start thinking about flowers and I’m going to plant flowers and I’m going to figure out a way to keep FWD from trampling and eating them. So there. Wish me luck!


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