Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans-
it’s lovely to be silly at the right moment.

My way of saying and living this is to not take myself too seriously. Some days that makes me a big clown and it feels so good to have a daily dose of laughter.

By the way I’m not laughing as I watch Fernando the wonder dog (FTWD)race around the back yard, turfing up flower beds, ruining grass and transforming himself into a mudball. I think there’s a serious market out there for outdoor doggie showers for those of us with medium to large beasts, or multiples, who love to drag dirt in. Any plumber out there want to talk about a concept? I’ll handle the sales, marketing, billing, collection, etc. I need this now!

A bfbf (best facebook friend) just posted about withdrawal symptoms of giving up her smart phone. I replied that my blackberry and I have broken up and agreed to be just friends. Now hours can go by and I haven’t touched the thing. Sometimes I hear the little alert play that a message has come in and I’m across the room with a little smirk on my face. The other day I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and he remarked about how banged up my phone is and referenced the fact that I hadn’t gotten it all that long ago. It’s a white blackberry and it pretty much looks like I tied it to my back bumper and drove around dragging it for an entire day.

Last thought for this morning…Why, with at least 3 heavy rubber dog toys out in the yard is FTWD chewing up – and I hope not ingesting – a rubber doormat? I think he needs a nanny!


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