Reaping What You Sow

Sow…..So, this is week #2 of my “new life” as a semi-retired, teaching part-time, stay at home mom, domestic engineer type and already my daughter has asked my several times on different days, “Why are you so happy?” and to quote her I have to say “for no good reason”. By that I mean that nothing in particular happened to cause me to smile and feel and appear happy – I just am.

It’s not that I feel a need for daily validation for what I’m doing but it feels so good when you are aware and totally conscious of the fact that someone else is noticing a change for the better–especially when it’s the best interest of that someone or someones that caused you to make the change.

And that’s not all. My son came home in a huge snit about something and when I finally got him to talk about it, it sounded as though the things that irked him just started to accumulate and snowball throughout the afternoon and adding being tired to that made for a bit of a volatile mood. I spent a little time with him soothing him and it helped some. Once he’d eaten dinner he asked me to stop by his room before he went to sleep which I did. Knowing that he needed sleep I didn’t want to get into a big discussion with him about the things that had upset him earlier but the opportunity presented itself right after we said our bedtime prayers together.

When I ended by making the sign of the cross he asked, “What about the God blesses, and the other stuff like that, like hoping that so and so and the other so and so act nicer to me?” He opened that door so I said, “Son, God knows what’s in your heart and I don’t want to keep you up any later talking about this now but what I’d like you to think about is this: “Sometimes so and so has a really bad day–maybe his boss yelled at him, maybe his car broke down, maybe he’s hungry or not feeling well, maybe he’s out of money…..these things sometimes cause the people who interact with you to seem not to be paying enough attention to you or noticing your accomplishments. But the reason for that is not about you, it’s about how they themselves are feeling. Do you understand what I mean?”

I feel really good that I had the opportunity to talk to him throughout the evening and almost unconsciously I’d said a little prayer asking you know Who “how do I help him through this” and not only did I get the inspiration I was seeking but also the opportunity to convey the message to my little one!

Sometimes the day can keep on getting better even when you think it’s mostly over and not much more can happen either way.


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