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I got home from Mass and had the afternoon free so all sorts of things were swirling around in my ADD-head: (the never-ending)laundry, getting Kate started on her school project, making stuffed peppers for dinner, hanging up some artwork on the wall, finish knitting the scarf I’m making for my mom, making a list/schedule of the things I need to get done next week, what will I wear to the faculty meeting tomorrow?, wow, won’t the backyard look nice when I finally clear out all of the dead stuff and plant some flowers,……I assure you, there’s more….

Leaving my job and the ability to take some time off for a breather over the next few months has opened up my days to focus on all of the things that have been merely pent up thoughts and ideas up to this point. And that’s terrific.

So now that I have this freedom where do I begin? Ha, ha, I knew there’d be a catch. My approach is this: I’m mostly taking each day as it comes and weaving things around already scheduled events and obligations. What that means exactly is that if I feel like taking a break from running errands or doing the laundry to do something creative, that’s what I do. It also means that rather than dive into organizing a closet or cabinet or my entire workshop space I’m giving myself permission to take the time to check out some ideas online or talk with organized friends about methods they’re using for various spots around their homes.

To take that a step further, what that translated to this past week was a little straightening around the house, a little catching up on the laundry, a little menu-planning, getting a haircut, selling Girl Scout cookies with Kate, going to Holy Hour, and finishing up a piece of artwork that I’d started a couple of weeks ago including framing it and hanging it above my desk.

I’ve avoided the laundry for long enough so now I can ignore it some more while I go whip up the stuffed peppers and get them in the oven. Then I’ll be folding…


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