The Person I’m Intended to Be

‎”Loving God, help me live in a way that allows me to become the person you intend me to be. Amen.”
(Lenten Prayer)

I’m having a hard time explaining to some folks exactly why I’d walk away from a “good job” with a “good company” and I’m trying to keep it short and sweet: to spend more time with my kids and around taking care of my home.

Underlying this however is my understanding that this is what God wants me to be doing. That’s a little more difficult to explain and I reserve that conversation for the right time or the right person. The thing is that I discovered that making decisions is simple if we are good listeners. Choosing the road that makes us feel genuine, authentic, at peace, aligned with God’s plan is the right decision.

Why do we often consider those options that make us feel stressed out, frustrated, hopeless, or lost? Because many times those are the options we feel people EXPECT of us however doing God’s will often involves going against the current for a bit and maybe even a little extra effort to find your way.

Leaving my job was not an easy decision and is scary in some ways but when doubt starts to creep in as it does on a regular basis since this is so new, I just keep reminding myself that God told me to do this and I feel better immediately.


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