Day 1 of My New and Exciting (Silly) Life!

I am officially semi-retired. Today was the first day I woke up on a work day with no work obligation whatsoever hanging over my head. I can’t lie folks, I can’t lie….it’s amazing! ok, at a high level it’s amazing but the day itself was somewhat unremarkable yet remarkable in that I can appreciate small accomplishments and connections. (To be or not to be…..Amazing)

So what did I get into today? – a little laundry, a little straightening out in the kitchen, a tasty dinner made (Farfalle Football Feast), getting all 3 of my email accounts to feed to my blackberry, finally installing the driver for my printer……simple little things that I find success in accomplishing. oh, and how could I forget? connecting with my yoga teacher and finding out there are still classes twice a week in the morning and I’m gonna be able to get my ommmmmmm on as early as this Wednesday! This is huge because Olga is an amazing (there’s that word again) woman who is a true inspiration. Her style meshes perfectly with what I seek in my yoga practice and I LOVE HER TO DEATH!!

Baby steps every day….no looking back, no regrets, no guilt for taking time for a breather…..translates for me into productive, joyful, thankful, happy loving, did I say joyful? Thank you Lord for leading me in this direction with confidence that I’m doing Your will!!

I feel so FREEEEEEE!!!!!


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