another lazy day in potomac falls

The kids are off from school (again) and we’re all here in the house as the smell of a garlic, onion, cheese bread wafts out of the bread machine. Talk about getting really spoiled in a really short period of time…the bread maker will do it to ya.

I’m wondering how long this streak will last baking bread nearly every day. But we do eat a ton of it and it’s really no trouble to load the thing up. Takes no more time than loading yourself into the car and running to the store for a loaf of bread. But the smells, the wonderful smells. A few weeks ago I came home late at night and the house smelled like a cinnamon bun. The regular wheat breads smell divine as well but this garlic and onion concoction is total aromatherapy.

I still have time to maybe throw something in the crock pot of I find a recipe real quick. I think I finally just got motivated to do something today besides lie here on the sofa.


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