Happy MLK Birthday!

Have you ever seen thrillist? It’s at http://www.thrillist.com/DC/new and the best part about it, to me, is that when you register it starts to send you an email every day and in the masthead/banner is a message just for you – i.e. on the right it says Hi Cynde and on the left (for example) it will say something like “The Pied Piper follows you”. The email itself is meant to tell you about new stuff going on in your city but I open it faithfully every day because there’s something in there about how cool I am! Funny….

Home with the kids – all 3 of them – and they’re bickering. I woke to the sound of it. I am now going to put on my thinking cap and think of a project for each of them so that they will be apart from each other and occupied and not fighting. What a great holiday! At least I now know that I don’t have to take a PTO day to be off today, it’s a work holiday for me anyway.

I keep thinking the time has come when I need to be more strict with them as far as cleaning up after themselves and getting them to help me clear out all of their old clutter – then I think of something else I’d rather be doing and the moment passes. I think today is THE DAY thought and we are going to do some massive de-cluttering. The first decision is whether to start in their rooms or in the basement….I think the 2 older ones will be room and the youngest one will be basement.


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