Mr. Murphy has been hanging out at my house…

How to even write about this stuff….
The car registration…expired,
got a ticket for expired registration,
paid ticket,
had $1800 worth of work done on the car so that it would pass inspection,
passed emissions inspection,
tried to register car online,
unable to renew online,
went to DMV,
County as a stop on your registration,
Why? Hmmmmmm….Aha – never reported sale of minivan,
Report sale of minivan – no bill of sale,
Call insurance agent to request fax of proof of cancelled insurance on sold car,
Drive to work in Arlington,
REceive ticket in Arlington for expired registration,
call Cty back to see if fax was rec’d,
First page of fax rec’d but not the page that indicates what vehicle,
Call insurance office again to request re-fax of entire document,
Wait…..have until the 17th to get this cleared up…
Hmmmmm, is there a bright side?
Why yes, yes as a matter of fact there is a bright side…
I am no longer working on the project from hell in NE DC (an hour and a half away)
Stay tuned…I may have to move to a different state to register the car….LOL


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