To be or not to be…..feeling guilty?

Today is theoretically the last day of my holiday vacation and I’ve spent most of the time lying around. It’s true. Yes, I did smashing holiday meals, put up a gorgeous tree (ok, I had big help there but I masterminded the beauty mind you), got the kids some amazing gifts they love but I “wasted” a lot of time.

The thing I’m struggling with is was this actually wasted time or was this true down time that I’ve needed for a long time? I’m about six of one, half dozen of the other. To be honest, part of the time I wasn’t feeling that great either. To be more honest, I did some work – I graded all of my final exams and final papers and got my grades in (late).

I did a lot of reading, sleeping, playing around on my computer. Next week I’m going to see my Dad in Georgia –to see for myself how far he’s come since the quadruple bypass in August. And maybe to drive his hoopti around a bit since I bought him four new tires….LOL

In essence the visit is more time for me to do not much of anything too ambitious and continue to reflect. I’m on the fence about whether to feel guilty or not about mentally checking out for a bit. Opinions?



  1. I share your dilemma. I had two marvelous weekend days of not even thinking about work, and the upcoming week I dread. I think that allowing ourselves to be "lazy" allows our subconscious to work on other things, too. Busting your hump is your standard, proactive mode, and your word "reflect" says a lot – I think you need to allow yourself time and space to contemplate. Your time was not wasted.

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