Got to Crawl Before I Run I Guess

So my inspiration sort of germinated and sprouted and then here we are…nothing’s happening. Here’s the deal on that – while nothing’s been evidently happening on here, there’s been much thought, reflection, resting, discussing, and more thinking going on behind the scenes. That, and having a lovely Christmas with my family.

But I’m making the commitment to write a little every single day. Even if I just log in and say that I feel like a lazy thing and don’t really feel like writing I’m going to do it. Because I want to share more about the behind the scenes stuff – particularly how a book I recently read got me moving on some of the things that have been swirling around in my mind for-freaking-EVER!

What book? “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.

Ms. Rubin did a tremendous amount of work – as in devoted an entire year of her entire life – to her happiness project. I’m a little scared about making a firm declaration to do the same but I have already started putting together my Personal Commandments. I’ve even started a list of potential monthly themes. These are the things that have been swirling (like fog) so the fog is clearing and things are taking shape around themes like:
1. Clear the Clutter, Clear the Clutter, Just Clear the Clutter
2. Take time to do creative things; even if you only have time to do part of a creative thing – JUST DO IT!

So once I really get up and rolling I’ll be sharing some of that in this space. But there will be more than that – this space will be a reflection of the me you all know – sometimes very silly, sometimes very serious, sometimes in the same day, but always from my heart and never taking myself too seriously….

Bye for now.


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