Giant Pain

I have this giant pain in my ass….and it’s no surprise considering I took an ass over teacups spill on some ice yesterday…I knew as soon as I stood up that the soreness would creep and today I’d be a little unhappy. Was a good prediction.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been getting my holiday stuff done little by little each day and, to tell you the truth, I like doing it this way. I ordered quite a few things and they’ve started to arrive in the mail and so I wrap them as they come in. I started my cards when the first one arrived here and I’ve been getting a few done each day….doing it the old-fashioned way with a hand-written note inside each one.

The cutest thing so far….a tae kwon do black belt uniform and a Brownie uniform for Kate’s American Girl doll. Kate, the one who announced that she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, alrighty then, guess she’s sure the way she was sure at 2.5 yrs old that she wasn’t taking naps anymore. I think she’s afraid to not believe in the Tooth Fairy right now because her teeth are falling out left and right….she’s a late bloomer on losing baby teeth which is fine by me because the permanent teeth are coming in closely behind….she won’t be sporting the toothless look for long. Her looks will change entirely because she had these teensy baby teeth and the first front tooth looks to be gigantic….LOL. Nice, just as Jackson is growing in to his choppers Kate’s getting a new set. This should be fun to watch!


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